Bernd Lintermann







Long Time Projects:


  • Animation sequence of a growing tree for the interactive installation Tree of Knowledge, Bill Viola, 1997.
    exhibited at Multimediale 5, oct 18th - nov. 9th 1997 at the ZKM | Karlsruhe
    exhibited at "The American Century: Art & Culture 1900-2000, Part II, 1950-2000", Whitney Museum, New York, sept 26th 1999 to feb 13th 2000
    exhibited at BIACS3, Biennial of Seville, Seville, Spain, oct 2nd 2008 - jan 11th 2009
    exhibited at IMAGINING MEDIA@ZKM, ZKM | Karlsruhe, Germany, oct 10th 2009-may 31st 2011

  • Workshop Real Gestures, Virtual Environments, ZKM/ IIM (August 4-16, 1998).
    as part of the EU commissioned eRENA project.



  • R. Boulic, T. Capin, Z. Huang, L. Moccozet, T. Molet, P. Kalra, B. Lintermann, N. Magnenat-Thalmann, I. Pandzic, K. Saar, A. Schmitt, J. Shen, D. Thalmann:
    The HUMANOID Environment for Interactive Animation of Multiple Deformable Human Characters,
    Proc. Eurographics `95, Maastricht.
    (PDF-Version, 338KB)

  • Lintermann, B., Deussen, O.:
    Interactive Modelling of Branching Structures,
    SIGGRAPH 96 Visual Proceedings
    (PDF-version, 100KB)

  • Lintermann, B., Deussen, O.:
    Interactive Modelling and Animation of Branching Botanical Structures,
    EGCAS'96 Workshop on Computer Animation and Simulation
    Book: Computer Animation and Simulation '96, Springer Wien New York, pages 139-151, ISBN 3-211-82885-0
    (Buy@Springer, See some related Animations)

  • Deussen, O., Lintermann, B.:
    Interaktiv modellering av komplekse naturlige objekter,
    Norsigd Info 1/97
    (PDF-version, 330KB)

  • Deussen, O., Lintermann, B.:
    A Modelling Method and Interface for Creating Plants,
    Proc. Graphics Interface '97, Kelowna B.C. Mai 1997, Morgan Kaufmann Publishers
    (PDF-Version, 1.1MB)

  • Deussen, O., Lintermann, B.:
    Erzeugung komplexer botanischer Objekte in der Computergraphik,
    Informatik Spektrum 20/4 (october 1997), Springer-Verlag, Berlin-Heidelberg-New York,
    also covers of Number 1-3
    (PDF-version, 1.3MByte)

  • Lintermann, B., Deussen, O.:
    A Modelling Method and Interface for Creating Plants,
    Computer Graphics Forum, vol 17, number 1, march 1998,
    (invited extended version of our Graphics Interface paper in 1997)
    (PDF-version, 275KB)

  • Deussen O., Hanrahan P., Lintermann B., Mech R., Pharr M., Prusinkiewicz P.:
    Realistic Modeling and Rendering of Plant Ecosystems
    SIGGRAPH '98, Orlando, Florida, July 19-24, 1998, pp. 275-286
    (PDF-version, 894KB)

  • Deussen, O., Lintermann, B.:
    Regelbasierte und prozedurale Datengenerierung in Computergraphik und Bioinformatik,
    GI Workshop Biomolekulare Informatik, September 1998

  • Lintermann, B., Deussen, O.:
    Interactive Structural and Geometrical Modeling of Plants,
    IEEE Computer Graphics & Applications, vol 19(1), jan/feb 1999
    (PDF-version, 864KB)

  • Deussen O., Lintermann B.:
    Spektrum der Wissenschaft (Scientific American, international issue in german language), feb 2001
    (PDF-version, 8.1MB)

  • Craven M., Taylor I., Drozd A., Purprick J., Greenhalgh C., Benford S., Fraser M., Bowers J., Jaro K., Lintermann B., Hoch M.:
    Exploiting interactivity, influence, space and time to explore non-linear drama in virtual worlds,
    Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI 2001), Seattle, March 31-April 5, 2001, pp. 30-37

  • Lintermann B., Deussen O.:
    Pflanzenbilder aus dem Computer,
    c't magazin, heise Verlag, issue 11, pp. 202-205, mai 2003

  • Deussen O., Lintermann B.:
    Artificial Plants,
    appeared in: Future Cinema, ZKM | Karlsruhe, MIT Press, pp. 516-519, 2003
    ISBN 0-262-69286-4

  • Deussen O., Lintermann B.:
    Book: Digital Design of Nature, Computer Generated Plants and Organics
    Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg, 2005
    ISBN: 3-540-40591-7

  • Lintermann B., Haffner N., McManus T.:
    Time Lapses: A Prototypic Proposal for a Format of a Artistic Research Publication
    CDROM, DVD and Web Page, 2003-2006

  • Deussen O., Bülthoff H., Ertl T., Keim D., Lintermann B., Reiterer H., Schilling A.:
    Visualisierung auf Großbildschirmen,
    Informatik-Spektrum, 33:6, S. 551-558, Dez. 2010
    (PDF-Version, 502 KB)

  • Wölfel W., Lintermann B., Völzow N.:
    Using Tangible Surfaces in Opera,
    Conference: The Interactive Media Arts Conference (IMAC), 2011, DR Koncerthus & IT-University, Copenhagen, DK
    (PDF-Version, 1.4MB)

  • Lintermann B.:
    Beyond Cinema,
    appeared in: Diversifying Digital Film and New Media, 2012, Hongik University, Korea
    (PDF-Version, 343KB)

  • Marchini C., Lintermann B., Obermann O., Röck C.:
    Jeffrey Shaw, The Legible City
    published in Bernhard Serexhe: "Digital Art Conservation, Konservierung Digitaler Kunst: Theorie und Praxis", AMBRA |V Vienna 20, pp. 520-545, 2013
    ISBN: 978-3-7091-1467-4

  • Fruk L., Lintermann B.:
    25 MOLEKULA, koje su promijenile svijet,
    ISBN-13 978-953-8012-17-4

  • Fernández Castrillo C., Lintermann B.:
    EncyCloudPrado: Posibilidades didácticas de las nuevas tecnologías para el acceso a la información en el ámbito museístico.,
    Revista Tecnología, Ciencia y Educación. Nº 7 Mayo-Agosto 2017, Centro de Estudios Financieros, Madrid, ES
    ISSN: 2444-250X
    (PDF-Version, 8.7MB)


  • P. Müller, S. Müller Arisona, K. A. Huff and B. Lintermann:
    Digital Art Techniques
    ACM SIGGRAPH 2007, Convention Center, San Diego, CA, USA. August 08 2007.

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