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Bernd Lintermann
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Bernd Lintermann works as artist and scientist in the field of real time computer graphics with a strong focus on interactive and generative systems. The results of his research are applied in the scientific, creative and commercial context.

His body of work spans two decades and includes prints, interactive installations, projection environments and stage performances combining generative imagery and sound. His works have been exhibited in museums and festivals all over the world like the ICC InterCommunication Center in Tokyo, the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, ZKM | Karlsruhe, ISEA, DEAF and the Ars Electronica Festival. He worked with internationally renowned artists, like Jeffrey Shaw, Bill Viola, Peter Weibel and the Wooster Group, and created works for various display environments like the CAVE™, the EVE Dome and panoramic projection environments. In addition to VR with current HMD technology, he has been engaged in the development of Augmented Reality for mobile devices to provide access to digital contents in a public environment. He presently focuses on the digital change in society with works that use AI techniques to put the human being in the center of attention.

He has published various scientific papers including SIGGRAPH and is cofounder of the company greenworks which distributes his software development Xfrog, a procedural organic modelling and animation system used in the entertainment industry and by various animation companies including Electronic Arts, Lucas Digital and Digital Domain and has been recently used in movies like The Hobbit, Life of Pi and Avatar. It was nominated for a Scientific Achievement Award 2015 of the Academy of Motion Pictures (OSCAR). 2005 to 2011 he was Head of the Institute for Visual Media at the ZKM | Center for Art and Media in Karlsruhe. 2006 to 2015 he was Professor at the State University of Design, Media and Arts in Karlsruhe. Since 2012 he is Adjunct Professor at the School of Creative Media at the City University, Hong Kong.

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Curriculum Vitae

Born at 20. Feb. 1967 in Duesseldorf, Germany

1986 Student of Computer Science at the University of Karlsruhe (TH) with focus on computer graphics.

1996-2001 Artist and scientist in residence at the ZKM | Institut for Visual Media.

2002-now Employee of the ZKM | Institute for Visual Media.

2005-2011 Head of the ZKM | Institute for Visual Media.

2006-2015 Visiting Professor at the State University of Design, Media and Arts in Karlsruhe

2012-now Adjunct Professor at the School of Creative Media at the City University, Hong Kong


1994-95 ESPRIT project HUMANOID on realtime animation of virtual characters.

1995-99 development of an integrated procedural modelling-, animation- and rendering system called Xfrog with focus on complex organics structures like plants and growth simulation.

1996 founding of the company greenworks GbR with Oliver Deussen

1996-99 scientific publications and invited talks on modelling and growth simulation of plants

1996-97 Development of the interactive installation conFIGURING the CAVE, installed at the ICC Intercommunication Center's permanent collection in collaboration with Jeffrey Shaw, Agnes Hegedues und Leslie Stuck (music)

1997 Animation sequence of a growing tree for the installation "Tree of Knowledge" for Bill Viola, exhibited at the Multimediale 5, 18.Oct-9.Nov 1997 at the ZKM in Karlsruhe, exhibited at the Whitney Museum New York, sept 1999 to jan 2000

1996-97 Development of the interactive mixed reality installation Morphogenesis on the genetic development of organic form.

1998 Collaboration with Torsten Belschner working at the ZKM | Institute for Music and Acoustics on the interactive installation SonoMorphis with genetic graphics and sound.

1999-2000 Working on the interactive installation "Room with a View" with Michael Bielicky, Prague, for the Skoda Pavillon at the VW Autostadt in Wolfsburg. Developement of an interactive modelling and animation system MTK.

2001-2002 Working on the interactive installation "Web of Life" with Michael Gleich, Jeffrey Shaw, Torsten Belschner, Lawrence Wallen and Manfred Wolff-Plotteg.

2002 Working on the interactive opera "Der Jude von Malta" with Büro Staubach and Art+Com.

2002 Visuals for the concert "Utopia Triumphans"
of the Huelgas Ensemble, DaimlerChrysler Building, Berlin.

2000-2003 Experiments within the field of dance and media with Nik Haffner and Thomas McManus.

2003 Display software for the installation "TVisionarium I" by Dennis Del Favero, Neil Brown, Jeffrey Shaw, Peter Weibel

2003-2004 Working on the installation "Cupola" with Jeffrey Shaw

2005- Head of the ZKM | Institute for Visual Media

2005- Conception and implementation of the Panorama Display Software

2006-2007 Working on the interactive installation "Globorama " with Joachim Böttger, Werner König, Niko Völzow and Torsten Belschner

2007 Concept and project direction of the ZKM PanoramaFestival

2008-2009 Working on the interactive installation "CloudBrowsing" with Torsten Belschner, Mahsa Jenabi, Markus Nitsche and Werner König

2008-2009 Concept and project direction of the PanoramaLabor, a permanent panoramic projection environment for developing and exhibiting panoramic works, ZKM | Karlsruhe

2009 Co-Curation of the exhibition IMAGINING MEDIA@ZKM, ZKM | Karlsruhe

2009-2010 Working on the stage design for part III of the Amazon Opera

2010 Visiting the School of Creative Media, City University, Hong Kong

2010-2011 Supervising the development of the ZKM iPhone App and the Visitors Information System on location

2011 Beyond International 3D Festival:Curator of Media Art. Contributing two works derived from "Sketches of Utopia". Concept, project direction and 3D Software for the "Night of 3Dimensions", a 3DVJ Party with stereoscopic imagery

2011 Working on the Augmented Reality Installation "Traffic" for the Car Cultures exhibition

2011 Creating the stereoscopic Installation "Molecules That Changed The World" in collaboration with Ljiljana Fruk from the KIT | Center for Functional Nanostructures

2011 Collaborating with Stewart Smith and Robert Gerard Pietrusko on the Installation "GAM", a visualization of art market data

2011 Performing "Night of 3Dimensions" at Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre Opening Festival

2011-2012 Working on "O.R.pheus – Eine musikalisch-theatrale Rauminstallation", an augmented reality based opera installation by Evelyn Hriberšek

2012 Working on "soundARt", a augmented Reality music database browser for the iPad. soundARt locates and visualizes sound art pieces in space.
soundARt got the Prix-Claude-Nicole-Hocquard (main prize of the jury over all categories), FIAMP Festival 2012, AVICOM, ICOM - International Council of Museums

2012 Working on "Die Zeitung der Zukunft" with Peter Weibel, a augmented reality installation for the ARTandPRESS exhibition in Martin Gropis Bau in Berlin, supported by the BILD.

2012 Working on "Three Mile Island" a media staged opera.

2012 Talk at DLD Moscow, may 28th, moscow, russia

2012 Finishing interactive panoramic installation 40+4 Art is not enough. Not enough! for Davide Quadrio, Lothar Spree, Xiaowen Zhu.

2012 Presentation of SoundARt at insideAR conference in munich

2013 Working on an AR Installation for ART Karlsruhe and a AR presentation at the ITB Berlin

2013 Working on The Origin of Noise - The Noise of the Origin, a concert by Peter Weibel and others developed at the ZKM Karlsruhe.

2013 Working on stereoscopic visuals for the chamber music piece "In Vain" by GeorgFriedrich Haas to be performed at the Schwetzinger SWR Festspiele 2013.

2013 Working on fassade projection and interactive multi monitor installation for the german state governors yearly meeting "Ministerpräsidenten Konferenz", Heidelberger Schloß 2013.

2013 Working on a video database explorable via iPads using AR Markers for the exhibition schriftFilme at ZKM, nov 2013.

2014 Working on the interactive installation "Folding Perspectives" for the exhibition Mapping Spaces at ZKM, apr 2014.

2014 Realized Performance "Spin" for the 'Lange Nacht der Kultur' in Kaiserslautern, jun 29th 2014, with Ludger Brümmer and Adonis Daukaev

2014 Working on the AR piece "Karlsruhe Maptory; for Globale 2015 with Ludger Brümmer, Andrea Buddensiek ea.

2014 Working on iOS App, Website and panoramic installation "MotionPicture 2.0" with Johannes Degenhard and Matti Kunstek

2014 Implementing a 180 degree stereoscopic version of "Sketches of Utopia" for an exhibition at Chronus Art center in Shanghai, aug 2014

2014 Showing the installation created for the
"Ministerpräsidenten Konferenz 2013", Heidelberger Schloß, at ZKM_MediaTheatre during KaMuNa, aug 2nd, 2014

2014 Working on the iOS App ZKM Flashback to be released at the ZKM 25th aniversary in sep 2014

2014 Working on a 360 Projection for "Glasperlenspiel", a production of the Karlsruher Staatstheater

2015 Working on Karlsruhe Maptory, aka "Stadtraum/Geschichte", an Augmented Reality iOS App which stages little dramas in the city of Karlsruhe. In cooperation with the Badisches Staatstheater and SWR2

2015 Working on an updated version of Flick_EU Mirror for the Kunsthalle Karlsruhe

2015 Working on Future is Here, an exhibition module within the Globale consisting of the four exhibits Molecules that Changed the World, Quintessence, Seeing the Invisible and Bang, Matter, Dark Matter

2015 Working on an updated version of Cupola as Look up Mumbai for Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya, Mumbai, India

2016 Working on an App version of Molecules that Changed the World for mobile devices

2016-2017 Working on a book

2016-2018 Working on Drama goes Digital with Théâtre de la Manufacture Nacy, Badisches Staatstheater Karlsruhe, Kote Marjanishvili Drama State Theatre Tblisi

2016-2017 Experiments with HTC Vive and Microsoft HoloLense

2017 Linux integration of HTC Vive and Integration into PanoramaPlayer and MTK

2017 Developing the installations Bibliotheca Digitalis: Drei Phasen der Digitalisierung, YOU:R:CODE and VRme for the exhibition Open Codes. Also preparing the Linear Browser (aka Genealogie des Codes) and SynSeeThis for the named exhibition.

2018 Single Screen Version of YOU:R:CODE and completing VRme for the exhibition Open Codes. Developing Die Kathedrale des Kommunismus, a room size installation for the generator| medienkunstlabortrier in Trier

2019 Installations MRT and Music Passenger wit Peter Weibel

2019-21 Development of TRUSTAI With Florian Hertweck.

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